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We are based on Thesen Island in Knysna, which lies in the heart of the Garden Route. We build and design all things web from George to Plett and beyond.

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 Knysna Web – The Home of Web in the Garden Route.


What is the about section of a website? Well it’s often, one of the most difficult pieces of content to write. Most of the time both individual and businesses will either write something generic or something very brief. Before the website is designed, it’s time to do some soul searching and think deeply about the origins of you or your business. It can be when you started operating, why you started, how you started and what the goals and ongoing vision are for your business.

For example, we at Knysna Web started with the vision to bring quality web services to Knysna, Plett, George and the rest of the Garden Route with the intention to also service international clients. To do all our web design work as well as our online marketing and analytics tasks we needed to make sure we had the right skills and expertise along with the correct computer and IT equipment. We ventured on building our website and setting up our office.

Our secondary aim is to help setup and guide clients that feel they only need some basic assistance in the world of web and would like to save a buck or two doing some work themselves. Eg, cloud services, Google Ad setup and groundwork SEO.

Lastly, we aim to always enjoy what we do. To learn all the time, as this industry is constantly changing and you have to keep up or you will get left behind. Smile and give our clients what they deserve. The internet can be a scary place for some but is a huge growth potential for your business and we are here to help.


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Knysna Web Core

The fundamentals that make us as a business grow, gain strength and stay strong. 


One of our strongest beliefs is to always be diligent. Think things through and guide the client in what is best for them not what is easiest for us. Web design and development is not always easy but we still like to go the extra mile.


We endure to never stop learning. In this digital world where companies like Google and Microsoft are kings or queens. We have to always be learning about the latest best practices regarding search engine optimisation, keep up to date with Google Ad courses and certifications. The list is endless. 


We aim to be consistent, giving all of our clients the same high level of service and exceptional work. 

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Web Design

Online Marketing

Data Analytics



Web Development

Web Consulting

Cloud Services

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